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Working alongside you, we help you to create and implement sustainable marketing strategies that engage with your audience, grow your business, and increase your cash flow.

It starts with our Sustainable Growth Program (SGP). We want you to be in control and this program ensures you have everything you need to know about your customers, business, and how to grow.

What is the Sustainable Growth Program?

The SGP is made up of three different steps:

1. Market Analysis

It’s important to understand the facts rather than using guesswork. Therefore, we analyse your businesses strengths, weaknesses, assets, customers, competitors and the environment you operate within. This informs us about who you serve, where you compete, your challenges and your opportunities. We can then create a marketing plan for you that will work.

2. Positioning

Buyer personas allow everyone in your business to know:

• who your clients are

• what value you add to their lives.

Therefore, we help you to create clear buyer personas for each of your products and services. This allows marketing activities to engage the right people and show that your business is the only option. Money is not then wasted on testing out marketing channels.

3. Marketing Plan

The first two steps then come together and a clear marketing plan is created. It tells you the tactics to use and the resources needed. The plan can easily be put into action and will grow your business whilst stopping any wasted money on advertising and marketing.