Aha Moment

Aha moments – Are you boring your clients into submission, or exciting them into action?

Understanding your customers’ Aha moment and weaving it into your marketing will completely change the conversations you are having with your customers and how you present your business.

Marketing isn’t about social media, it isn’t about Google, and it’s definitely not about automation and emails; these are simply tools that some in the marketing world have become completely obsessed with. Social media schedulers have replaced creativity, and automation has replaced the art of storytelling, pushing businesses further away from their customers, leaving them detached from reality.

Worst of all, success is so often judged on likes, shares and comments, with no effort made to really understand the metrics and figures that will grow a business and deliver close and lasting relationships with your customers.

So, what is an Aha moment?

You’re a busy professional, you need that three hours you spend cleaning on a Saturday morning back. So, you decide to hire a cleaner.

You start off searching Google, but you are greeted with a sea of bland options all saying the same thing. Not one of them stands out. They all tell you exactly what they do, but not the value they add or the problem they solve. None of them connect with why you wanted a cleaner in the first place.

You pick one, any one; you may as well have chosen at random, they all look and feel the same.  They are keen to tell you all about themselves and why they are so wonderful, the problem is they are all the same; bland and sterile.

They clean your house – great!  That first Saturday morning comes around and you wake up. You’re free; for the first time in 10 years you have your Saturday morning back.

That’s the Aha moment. That’s the moment you realise investing £40 is worth every penny.

Start selling the Aha moment

The problem is, though, we get so caught up selling what we do, we end up blending in with the crowd. Look what a quick Google search for ‘cleaners’ returns:

Aha Moment

All three say the same thing: bland, boring and commoditised.  This is the effect Google has had on our businesses. The only real way to choose between the three will be based on price. This trend is filtering into our websites and other marketing too, STOP!!  Creativity and storytelling is being stripped from that initial contact we have with customers.

Most businesses don’t understand what their Aha moment is.

An easy way to tell if your customers are getting that Aha moment is churn.   If you struggle to retain customers, or regularly miss out based on price, it means they are not experiencing, or you are not delivering, the Aha moment.


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How to understand your Aha – Case Study

A solicitor who looks after employment law for small businesses on a retainer basis.

60% of clients who had no HR issues 3 months after signing up were cancelling their retainers.

The firm needed to develop a quicker Aha that every customer would experience. In their case, it was the initial contract of employment check. When they are hired by a new business they check and update their contract of employment and handbook to identify any areas of exposure. For years they have been updating and presenting back to the client the new contract and handbook to use.

They were missing an instant Aha! moment!!

We switched that process around.  Now, they send the client back the old contract, marked up to indicate the potential for liabilities and the consequences of each incorrect element of their existing documents, talking them through each one, demonstrating the financial and emotional risk to the business owner. 

Instantly, before the client has even paid out the first month’s retainer, they have the Aha! moment! They can visualise the liabilities and understand consequences that could have befallen their business if they hadn’t hired the firm.

This has reduced churn to an almost negligible rate; the firm now uses this Aha! moment as a key aspect of their marketing to new clients, demonstrating how they add value from day one.  

It can take time and research to uncover what the Aha moment in your business is. When you do, it will change your marketing forever and boost the referrals and recommendations that follow.

Remember, marketing isn’t about likes, shares and comments. It’s about you and your customers, connecting with them to improve their lives and/or businesses, or satisfy a need or want.


Join over 5,000 other businesses who receive bi-weekly marketing tips, perfect to help you attract more customers.