Facebook Advertising

The Power of Video for Facebook Advertising

When you consider that 1.4 billion people, on average, log on to Facebook as daily active users, you can see how lucrative the platform can be for advertising to customers. Even more so when you add to this equation that they are not only using Facebook to connect with family and friends, but make an average of 2 billion searches on the platform each month to find new brands, relevant topics and businesses, so Facebook Advertising is massive and will remain a massive part of most businesses marketing mix.

Just like fishing, it’s one thing knowing they are there, but it’s a tactical game knowing how to catch their attention to swim in your direction. So how DO you make sure you are seen?

Video is a great way to engage with your audience. Visual stimulation is much easier to understand and recall later than text. Audio visual content takes this a step further as it engages both sight and sound to create an experience far more than any static image or text would. According to studies conducted by 3M Corporation, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and not plain text.

So how do we bring this into our Facebook advertising without costing a fortune for professional quality video?

I’ve recently been playing around with a platform called Promo (https://slide.ly/promo?force-hp=1). It’s proven to be a really awesome tool and enables anyone to create stunning videos clips that are perfect for Facebook advertising. Last week I ran some tests and the results blew me away.

But before I share those results with you, let’s understand why it works so well.

  • More Facebook users are engaging with Facebook video content
  • Facebook videos offer one of the best cost-per-click (CPC) rates of any social media ad
  • Kinetic Social’s 2015 report found that Facebook video ads have an average CPC of $0.18, making Facebook video ads a very affordable option for small businesses
  • Using Facebook’s call-to-action buttons can also nearly treble your click-through rates

What kind of video should you be using?

For Facebook advertisements you will want something short that supports your overall message and helps to tell the story of your business. Promo is fundamentally an iStock library for video. You choose the video clip, select the music and then overlay your own text and graphics to fine tune your message. I absolutely love it! Best of all, it’s all done using the Promo online builder so there is no need for any professional editing skills.

I gave it a whirl for one of my clients. The objective was that we wanted to increase the engagement they were getting from their Facebook ads. The goal of the campaign was to increase their number of followers and spread awareness of the business. Now, my client runs a new Taxi service in Milton Keynes, which is a very competitive sector with established competitors. Sounds like a tough pool to fish in, doesn’t it?

The results from the Promo Facebook advertising were really impressive and instant! Previously we had been using animated GIFFs or flat images for their ads on Facebook, but when we ran our first trial last week using a 10 second video clip the client and I were blown away by the results.


The advertisement increased their followers by 52% in 7 days!!!

In fact, all metrics increased, from engagement, ad score, new followers and, most importantly, so did the number of new customers. So how did we do it? We included a ‘Message Now’ button on the advertisement and throughout the campaign we had some fantastic conversations with new customers.


The goal of this campaign was to generate engagement, introduce potential users to the business and start the conversation. The fact that they gained new customers that came directly off the back of the advertisement were the icing on the cake!

Now that we have caught the interest of potential customers, we plan to run several campaigns that will utilise video to inform and convert them to customers.

So next time you are fishing for new customers through social media, think how you could enhance your efforts with short videos that help to start the conversation. You are in for a treat!